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Base precision impression material (A-Silicone, VPS)

A perfect A-Silicone for putty-wash and sandwich technique in combionation with precision impression correction materials. It is a high viskosity, thixotropic and hydrophilic material and meets all your requirements. The setting time ist about oral 3 min. One package contains  1 cartridge à 380 ml + 10 MIXING CANNULAS MATIC BR + 1 bajonett ring. For commercial mixing devices.

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Interdental wedges acc. to Dr. Grabosch

FANTESTIC ® Interdental wedges / Interdental stars acc. to Dr. Grabosch, Germany, are available in increasing sizes 1 (yellow), 2 (red), 3 (blue) and mixed as an assortment. They are used for professional separation of teeth for secure fixation of matrices at filling therapy. They have an eye to avoid the risk of aspiration and are made of elastic polycarbonate. If using according to  instruction for use there is no splintering and breaking.

Order-No.: GIS1001 (yellow), GIS1002 (red), GIS1003 (blue), GIS1004 (assortment)

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