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Base precision impression material (A-Silicone, VPS)

A perfect A-Silicone for putty-wash and sandwich technique in combionation with precision impression correction materials. It is a high viskosity, thixotropic and hydrophilic material and meets all your requirements. The setting time ist about oral 3 min. One package contains  1 cartridge à 380 ml + 10 MIXING CANNULAS MATIC BR + 1 bajonett ring. For commercial mixing devices.

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tZeen ®

tZeen ® will be offered in syringes à 3,5 g and in tips à 0,3 g.

tZeen ® is a universal, light-cure nano-hybrid dental restorative material, indicated for chew resistant and occlusal anterior and posterior fillings of Black classes I-V. tZeen ® can be very easily used: it is smooth and extremely mouldable and offers a trend-settingly small polymerisation shrinkage.

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