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Welcome to We will offer you well-tried premium products for restorative dentistry, for prosthetics and reference products for CAD/CAM applications (>> Catalogue 2013/14). Highlights:

>> METAL-BITE ®, universal registration material ... awarded by REALITY and DENTAL ADVISOR ...

>> METAL-POWDER Dry Blue, a blue coloured dry powder for matting universal surfaces for CAD/CAM applications like CEREC Bluecam.

>> ZAKK ® Implant, the first slightly expanding and elastic semi-permanent implant luting cement free of Triclosan.

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FANTESTIC ® DirectCem DC is a self-adhesive, dual-cure luting cement (self-curing with light-cure option, dual-cure, DC) for a definite, self-adhesive luting (“cementing”) of

• indirect restorations like crowns and bridges made of all-ceramic, zirconium dioxide, CAD/CAM-manufactured ceramic, metal based ceramic and metal,

• indirect restorations like inlays, onlays made of all-ceramic, composites and metal,

• posts and endodontic materials made of fibre-reinforced composites (e. g. pre-silanized glass fibre posts, like FANTESTIC ® POST),

• of indirect restorations made of all-ceramic, zirconium dioxide, composites, metal based ceramic and metal on implant abutments and for

• splinting of loosened teeth.

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REALITY, an institution which has become the final word in esthetics around the world. Now, after 26 years, REALITY has evolved into a full service information resource and product testing company. The Editorial Team is a team of 37 of the most respected and highly renowned dental professionals in the world.

REALITY awarded METAL-BITE ® in 2012 and 2013 as the universal registration material to rank 2 among worldwide used registration materials with 4 stars and 4.2 out of 5 and excellent individual valuations, It continues in 2014 ...

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Instructions for use MIXING PISTOL: Youtube-Video.


FANTESTIC ® Z CORE DC is a self-curing core build-up composite with light cure option (dual-cure) and with broad indication spectra. It is indicated for adhesive core build-ups of vital and non-vital teeth, fillings by insufficient tooth structure and for adhesive cementing of glass fibre-reinforced composite posts. FANTESTIC ® Z CORE DC contains nano-zirconium dioxide fillers. This leads to a high compression strength and a high radiopacity. FANTESTIC ® Z CORE DC can be cut like dentin. Because of the nano-zirconium fillers an excellent standability, consistency and wetting of tooth structure (“wettability”) is achieved.

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