Welcome to r-dental.com. We will offer you well-tried premium products for restorative dentistry, prosthetics and reference products for CAD/CAM applications. For example:

>> FANTESTIC ® Z CORE DC, a dual-cure (light-cure and self-curing) micro hybrid composite with nano-zirconium dioxide fillers.

>> ZAKK ® Implant, the first slightly expanding and elastic semi-permanent implant luting cement free of Triclosan.

>> P.U.M.A. hard, a permanent hard relining self-cure material on acrylate base (methacrylate).

Trust our expertise. We look forward to continuing our close co-operation.

tZeen ®

tZeen ® will be offered in syringes à 3,5 g and in tips à 0,3 g.

tZeen ® is a universal, light-cure nano-hybrid dental restorative material, indicated for chew resistant and occlusal anterior and posterior fillings of Black classes I-V. tZeen ® can be very easily used: it is smooth and extremely mouldable and offers a trend-settingly small polymerisation shrinkage.

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Interdental stars acc. to Dr. Grabosch

FANTESTIC ® Interdental wedges / Interdental stars acc. to Dr. Grabosch, Germany, are available in increasing sizes 1 (yellow), 2 (red), 3 (blue) and mixed as an assortment. They are used for professional separation of teeth for secure fixation of matrices at filling therapy. They have an eye to avoid the risk of aspiration and are made of elastic polycarbonate. If using according to  instruction for use there is no splintering and breaking.

Order-No.: GIS1001 (yellow), GIS1002 (red), GIS1003 (blue), GIS1004 (assortment)

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FANTESTIC ® Z CORE DC is a self-curing core build-up composite with light cure option (dual-cure) and with broad indication spectra. It is indicated for adhesive core build-ups of vital and non-vital teeth, fillings by insufficient tooth structure and for adhesive cementing of glass fibre-reinforced composite posts. FANTESTIC ® Z CORE DC contains nano-zirconium dioxide fillers. This leads to a high compression strength and a high radiopacity. FANTESTIC ® Z CORE DC can be cut like dentin. Because of the nano-zirconium fillers an excellent standability, consistency and wetting of tooth structure (“wettability”) is achieved.

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