Frequently asked questions:

What are infiltration adhesives?

FANTESTIC ® FLOWSIVE and FANTESTIC ® FLOWSIVE 2 are so called Infiltration adhesives. These infiltrates into the collagen in dentin and anchor in it.

What are MMPs and what do they do?

MMPs are Matrix-Metalloproteases, which as enzymes catalyze the cleavage of peptide bonds in proteins. These enzymes are inactive, but are activated by acids like phosphoric acid and decompose with time the hybrid layer (Nanoleakage) and the collagen. The clinical consequences are loss of adhesion to composites, secondary caries and sensibilities. MMPs are inhibited by Chlorhexidine (CHX) and Benzalconium chloride (BAC) solutions. Five of the 23 known human MMPs are in dentin, like MMP20, which is made responsible for tooth enamel defects.

What is „Selective Etch“?

Selective Etch designated only etching of enamel. Selective Etch can be indicated if a Self-Etch-Adhesive like FANTESTIC ® FLOWSIVE SE is used.

What are the advantages of the „Self-Etch-Adhesive“ FANTESTIC® FLOWSIVE SE?

The advantage of the Self-Etch-Adhesive FANTESTIC ® FLOWSIVE SE is, that the smear layer is never removed. The adhesive reacts as an acid component and hydrophilic primer in one. There are no different penetration depth. Thereby post-operative sensibilities are avoided. After the preparation the tooth is dried and the SE adhesive will be applied. The moisture is generated automatically. Further on FANTESTIC ® FLOWSIVE SE is dual-cure and indicated for the application of dual-cure composites, like core build-up materials.