Frequently asked questions:

How differs ReViCal ® Liner from ReViCal ® in indication?

ReViCal ® Liner is a bioactive, light-cure liner with MTA-filler and a high compression – and flexural strength (see figures), which at the same time functions as a pulp capping material for indirect (Cp) pulp capping.

Before applying the underfilling a (self-etching) enamel/dentin adhesive with high adhesion strength will be applied to the prepared cavity base and light-cured. Then the liner ReViCal ® Liner will be applied and light-cured, followed by a definite filling treatment in this session with commercial composites.

ReViCal ® is contrary to this a bioactive, light-cure reinforced pulp capping material with MTA-filler indicated for a direct (P) and indirect (Cp) pulp capping.

After a precise application of ReViCal ® it will be light-cured. Then a (self-etching) enamel/dentin adhesive with high adhesion strength will be applied to the cavity base and light-cured. The definitive filling treatment with composites can then be proceed directly in this session.

Which substances influence the attachment of posts negatively?

Eugenol, sodium hypochloride (NaClO), EDTA, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and calcium hydroxide (CaOH2). 2 % CHX is applicable without issues.

Which root canal post strength should be choosed?

The smaller the root canal post is, which at the same time maintains its fit, the better the long-term results. Larger posts generate more stress in the root canal.

How be a coronal reduced root canal post treated?

The top face of the FANTESTIC ® POST root canal post should be silanized with FANTESTIC ® CerBond.