Frequently asked questions:

Which primer should be used for conditioning the luting surface of a ZrO2 restoration?

ZM-Bond ® is the primer of choice. ZM-Bond ® is a one-component primer for conditioning the luting surface of a restoration and therefore for increasing the bond strength between restoration and luting material. ZM-Bond ® is indicated for restorations of oxide ceramics (zirconium dioxide), metals (NEM, precious metals) and glass ceramics.

Which indications can be covered with the pritidenta ® blocks?

All, concerning the single tooth: inlays, onlays, partial crowns, single crowns and veneers and also 3-unit bridges.

In which sintering furnaces can pritidenta ®-blocks be sintered?

In all commercial sintering furnaces except the Speedfire of Dentsply | Sirona.

With which material selection will the design process for pritidenta ®-blocks startet?

With CEREC ®-Software “inCoris TZI”. Please choose size “medi S” oder 240/19″. Then key in the magnification factor F (e. g. *Z 229005) according to the labelling on the block.


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